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If you have NEVER been a DraftStreet and have NEVER been a Draft Kings Customer.
This special can apply.

Click here!
Deposit $49 with Draft Kings
to get 2014 Power Sweep Subscription (Email only version)




One 7-Pack: $59
2-4 7-Packs: $54 each
5+ 7-Packs: $49 each
*2014 Marquee 7-Packs will be activated on 8/1/14
*All Marquee 7-Packs will expire on Super Bowl Sunday 2/1/15

College Marquees the L3Y 113-84
Incl: 39-26 60% in ’11 & 37-24 61% in ‘12

NFL Marquee’s the L3Y 78-49
Incl: 28-9 76% in ’11 & 30-14 68% in ‘12

The New LAYAWAY Plan

If you thought that you could not afford to join
Northcoast Sports' Most Elite Late Phone Service,

The Northcoast Executive Club
you might be surprised how you can in 2014!

2014 Northcoast Executive Club Service Layaway!

An easy set payment plan throughout the year will
entitle you to all the Executive Club Benefits for the
2014 Season, which starts in August!

Call today for more details!  1-800-654-3448

Power Sweep & Power Plays

As you know, Northcoast Sports offers both the
Power Sweep and Power Plays Newsletters.
But did you know, becoming a Full Season Subscriber definitely has its advantages...

• Receive Additional Bonuses for the upcoming season(s)
* 2014, 2015 Bonuses TBA.

• Receive Weekly Discounted Prices on that seasons
Late Phone Services!

It's never to early to sign up!

Our prices are low now but as the season continues to approach, we do unfortunetly have to raise the prices.

Power Sweep or Power Plays Pricing
2014 Subscription
$35 email / $43 mail
2015 Subscription
$89 email / $129 mail




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