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NBN Sports (Nothing But Net)--- Extension #-13

NBN Sports started on the Northcoast Sports Community Line on Tuesday October 27th 2015. We are new to the Community Line but not to handicapping and one of the draws for us to Northcoast Sports was the passion for one sport. We at NBN Sports do basketball and basketball only (both NBA and College). We feel that gives us a leg up on those that are doing multiple sports, don’t get us wrong our staff enjoys other sports but has a passion for the hardwood!
It all started in 1995 by lead handicapper’s Anthony Clericuzio and Jimmy D’Angelo, better known to the NBN Sports staff as AC & JD. Both played basketball at the High School and College ranks with AC earning a spot on some NBA roster’s in the 11th & 12th man role. AC elected to play in Europe (Italian League) and meet fellow teammate JD, who bounced around in the NBA D-League before heading to Italy. The two hit it off from the start and developed a great friendship through the years.
After both decided to retire they still had great passion for the game and AC started handicapping Pro and College Basketball at first just for himself, calling it a hobby. JD at this time was coaching basketball at a small university. Word got out that AC was doing pretty good and what started as a hobby turned into an enterprise. Always keeping in touch JD left his coaching days to pursue this next adventure with AC. Not sure what direction they both wanted to go, they started handicapping for some elite clientele (have to leave names out but it ranged from athletes to actor/actress and some big wigs).
Fast forward 18 years later and AC wanted to expand from just a few to many customers as he felt his knowledge in the game could benefit so many others and that is when Anthony Clericuzio decided to move his operations to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Jimmy D’Angelo stayed in Europe and wasn’t on board at first but a year later decided to call Hilton Head, South Carolina his home. The unique thing about NBA Sports is that they are set up with two small offices in the above mentioned cities and AC & JD talk daily with many visits during the year. NBN Sports select clientele is still intact but now opening their plays to the public has them gaining notoriety more and more each day and the Northcoast Sports Community Line is the only place (other than that select clientele) the public can purchase their selections.
NBN Sports doesn’t specialize in any certain conference in College Basketball as each team/conference is studied while the same goes for the NBA. A few terms that are often used on the NBN Sports tapes are; SLAMDUNK=top play/strongest feel (like a 5*), LAYUP=almost a top play/still feel strong (like a 4.5* & 4*, also Best Bet), FREETHROW=solid (like a 3*), JUMPER=feel decent about (like a 2*) and TREY/3-POINTER=opinion if you asked (like a 1*). We at NBN Sports will use the star rated method when releasing selections which was suggested by Northcoast Sports but we just wanted to give you an idea of how we view a basketball selection. Also remember we are realistic at NBN Sports and in no way feel any game is a lock or guaranteed winner. Don’t get us wrong, we put a lot of hard work in each and every selection (JD & AC make the final call by the way, AC actually makes the final, final call in some cases) and never release a play that we feel is not a winner but it happens, losing plays, losing days and even losing weeks but rest assure that will be few and far between at NBN Sports.

Thanks for checking out a little about us and I hope that you consider NBN Sports when you are going to put some serious money down on basketball!  If you would ever need to get in contact with NBN Sports, please submit all requests to Todd over at the Northcoast Sports office by email Click Here